InDekSolar© tennis court

InDekSolar© drive-way

InDekSolar© basketball court

Close-up of InDekSolar© tubing

InDekSolar© community swimming pool

InDekSolar© kits consist of 300 ft. rolls

Hotel resort cooling mist system

Restaurant cooling mist system

Residential cooling mist system

Indeksolar Optional Pool Equipment

  1. Title

Heat exchanger hot water circulator

Variable speed pool pump

Swimming pool filter

Cuprinol heat exchanger for heating spa

Electronic swimming pool control with web-based smart phone and PC control

Standard pool solar controller  

HTP Tankless Water Heater is used for DHW and spa heat exchanger

Combination flow meter/check valve

Motorized solar valve actuator

 Pentair 3-Way Solar Diverter Valve

 InDekSolar© tubing image

 InDekSolar© tubing installation on concrete wall, before being covered with plaster