Patio Cooling Mist

Patio Cooling Mist that can be used anywhere

Generally speaking, our High Efficiency Cooling Mist Systems can be used almost anywhere an air conditioner can be used and many places where it can’t. While any area can be cooled, our systems are especially capable of cooling indoor spaces such as warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, hospitality tents, stables, barns and poultry enclosures to name just a few. Restaurants with outdoor dining areas and outdoor bars are typical applications for these systems. We can also provide high efficiency portable cooling mist fans for sports events, parties and weddings.

The Most Efficient Way to Cool Outdoor Areas and Industrial Production Lines

We not only offer invisible solar pool heating but also have a very new and cutting edge forced-air patio cooling mist system for commercial, industrial and residential use. Forced-air cooling mist systems are the most efficient way to cool outdoor areas and industrial production lines. The in-line ducted air fan can be forced through a custom face mask digitally scanned from clients faces or the clients can choose a stock mask. The masks can be flush-mounted on walls and obelisks. Our cooling mist systems can be controlled by thermostats and humidistats, to prevent condensation on surfaces of patio furniture, awnings, umbrellas or any other objects nearby. Our controllers have a digital read out screen for temperature and humidity level. The entire system can be controlled remotely from a smart phone.
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